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This is the perfect gift for either the florist in your life or just the garden enthusuiast wanting to highlight their homegrown blooms. Designed by Amanda, this bowl pays homage to both the Japanese art of Ikebana and her own garden. Wanting a vessel to compliment the flowers she had grown herself at home, the Ikebana gift set was designed.


"I am relatively new to gardening and the simple joy of growing your own flower is still and absolutel marvel to me. I am always hesitant to pick them from my garden after all that hard work, so when I do, I wanted a vessel that would allow for the bloom to be centre stage."


The bowl itself comes in exquisite colourings of apricot, violet and a blue to mimic the dusk sky, executed in Amanda's signature "colourscape" patterning. 


The Ikebana Gift Box includes:


- Handblown bowl vessel in ' Dusk' colourscape patterning 

- Metal Kenzan for attaching flowers

- Floral 'Sure Stick' to adhere the kenzan to vessel

- A beautifully illustrated Instructional card designed by artist Annie Walker

- HotHaus sticker

All gorgeously packaged and ready to gift in our signature HotHaus gift box. The ultimate, highly covetable gift to give.



Ikebana Gift Box

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