$25 per hour

The Hothaus coldshop is available for hire to experienced glass artists who can work comfortably at the machines without supervision.

The Hothaus coldworking area is equipped with:

12 inch diamond flatbed

18 inch diamond flatbed

Covington glass lathe

Norton 30cm diamond saw

Sandblaster (garnet 'sand')


$275 inc GST 

4 hr session

The Hothaus hotshop is available for hire to experienced hot glass artists who can work independently in the studio.  For those interested in 1 on 1 lessons or group classes see below.

In your 4 hour session, you will have access to:

Hothaus gloryhole

12.5kg glass usage (per 4 hour session)

Colour pick-up kilns

Gas annealer

Knock-off torch station

Hothaus pipes and punties.

Hothaus blocks and paddles.

Artists will need to provide their own hand tools. 



The Hothaus team are a skilled group of glassmakers that can assist in bringing your ideas to life, or just help provide the finishing touches to your work.

Coldworking services - Let us do the hard work for you!

$65 per hour. Prior consultation is required.

Hotglass prototyping session - Got an idea for a product or artwork?

$1200 for 4 hour prototyping session. Meet with a team of experienced glassblowers who will consult with you before creation begins on the work in the hotshop. Consultation, glass gaffer, assistant, and studio hire are included.


Have a special request? Let us know what you're dreaming in glass and we'll get back to you with a quote.

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