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Amanda and Laurel sit on the steps to the studio. Amanda is patting a dog

About Us

Laurel and Amanda share a common passion; glass blowing. It is what has brought them together and it is what founded their beautiful hot glass studio located in Heidelberg West in 2019.


Independently, they both trained as glass associates, undertaking the glass training program at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design in Adelaide. Having been both trained at the Jam, both have production glass blowing training, exceptional work ethics and a nurtured passion for the material of glass.


Both artists have worked in numerous glass studios on home turf and internationally. Together as their work grew it became harder and harder to find the space and time on the glass to push their individual practices further. The travel time between studios was exhausting and the restraints of working in private studios was growing. Out of both necessity and that drive to create, HotHaus was founded.

HotHaus is the accumulation of everything both artists wanted in a studio space. Colour, light and greenery paired with excellent equipment and the space to thrive. A place where you can be excited to come to work, a place where we can create, make, showcase our works and welcome clients into the space proudly. Essentially Laurel and Amanda are creating their dream studio and are delighted to see this dream come to fruition. 

HotHaus abides by three guiding principles; 


Good Design.

Good Glass.

Good Times.

We hope you'll follow us on our studios journey we are excited to share what the future may bring for HotHaus.

Yours in good glass,

Laurel and Amanda.

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