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Amanda stands in front of a glory hole with a glassblowing pipe in her hands. She is marvering


Hothaus provides a space for hot glass makers to produce their own pieces in an environment which stimulates creativity and collaboration.

The hotglass studio as well as flameworking facilities are available for hire to experienced glass artists.


The coldworking studio is where the final finishing of glass pieces happen. 

The less glamorous side of glassmaking, grinding and polishing is still an important part of the process.

Hothaus coldworking facilites are available for hire to experienced glass artists.

a piece of solid glass with the image of a man and child screenprinted on it



Have an idea for an artwork, product or need something special made?

Let the Hothaus team assist in the design or creation of your vision. We love working with designers to prototype and produce artworks, objects and lighting. We can also design and produce commissions for you or your client needs.

No.5 Pendant light produced by Hothaus for Lumil. Designed by Luke Mills.

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