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NGV Melbourne Design Week 2024

Haus Mates!!!!! We have some seriously exciting things coming up later this month. This is your official invitation to join us for not just one but TWO events for NGV's annual Melbourne Design Week 2024!!!!! (Pinch us.. are we dreaming???) 


We have been working hammer and tong in the studio and the list just keeps expanding of the many things to do as we get ready for these two events. We are super thrilled to be presenting our debut collection of lighting that has been many many years in the making. If you haven't already seen the news on socials, HausLights is our brand new baby! Join us after work at The Design Files gallery space on Thursday the 23rd of May to have a few cold ones and celebrate! 


Alongside our new baby HausLights we have also been working on a super fun collaboration with our new mate ACIDFLWRS… I mean dream collab? Have you seen their flowers? They are out of this world and it was the perfect creative challenge to create some glass vessels inspired by their hyper colourful marbled fleurs! 

Both exhibitions will be extremely fun and we would LOVE to see as many of you as possible on opening night. Tell your friends!!

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