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Meet Danielle!

Next up in the 'Know your Haus mate' is the very lovely, Miss Danielle. A much loved and crucial member of the Hot Haus crew, Danielle assists on the team and is the education co-ordinator. Super skilled and super friendly, Danielle is the one who takes you through the steps if you come take a class with us. We feel very lucky to have her on board, so put that kettle on, lets get to know Danielle...

Introduce yourself! Give us a brief run down on who you are and what you do. I'm Danielle and was born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA in the USA - My background is in Fine Arts and I have a BFA in Painting from Ringling College of Art & Design in the states. It was during my undergrad that I was exposed to glass through a scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School in 2013, and my whole life changed to pursue glass after that summer! I tend to favor sculpting glass versus blowing and am very thankful to be working for Hothaus and running classes for the studio. Currently I am enrolled at Deakin University in the Master of Creative Arts program and working towards making Melbourne my permanent home.

How long have you been in the game? Seven years! Hard to believe that much time has passed, the material humbles you and I still feel like a beginner most days. I was told early on that it takes ten years to really understand the material, three more to go...

Biggest glass inspiration? Martin Blank! Incredible artist and human.

Fav snack? Any fruit!! Hydrating and delicious while blowing glass.

Tool of choice? Probably my first pair of tweezers by Jasen Johnsen.

Fav jam to blow glass to? (If you have it you can link me a spotify playlist if you’re so inclined…) Any Nine Inch Nails album if I'm working solo, Hot Chip or Cut Copy if others have to listen to my music haha

Colour of choice (ie Kugler 0023 etc..) I love clear glass or opaline / semi-transparent colors.

Pilchuck or Penland Pilchuck :) Only because I haven't taken a class at Penland yet!

Top of Bottom opener? Top!

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird!

How many sheets of paper in your paper pad? Seven, I like it on the thinner side.

Worst Burn? Tapped my elbow on a fluffy torch that had been on for hours and just shut off moments before. Didn't know it was hot :(

Knock off beverage? Dark and stormy with a lime wedge!

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