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Furnace Fundraiser, Buy a Paperweight, Make a Paperweight

As you know we are in the midst of building our very own furnace. we have been working hard and hit a few road bumps along the way (oh you, know, just a little world wide pandemic paired with a VERY expensive new burner...) and now we need YOU to help get us over the line.  We have designed a special Colourscape Paperweight in our signature HotHaus colours with gold leaf added for that special somethin' somethin'. When you buy a limited edition, custom made paperweight you will be contributing to our final phase of the furnace build. A limited run of x100, each signed, numbered and beautifully packaged. But wait, there's more... When you purchase your paperweight online through our shop, the first x20 sales will have the option to buy a paperweight for $100 or $200. What does my $200 get me you ask? This option gives you the opportunity to make your own solid glass paperweight with us as Hot Haus as soon as we finish building our furnace!! Say What?! That's right, we are giving you the opportunity to come and have a go at hot glass work with us in our very own studio. Classes will be limited and led by one of our skilled educators. It gonna be F.U.N, more details to come. This is the first of what we hope will be many classes to come, but this my friends is a little piece of history in the making. Who wants to say they bought a paperweight to help build the Hot Haus furnace AND then got to take a dip out of that very furnace and make their own piece of glass to take home? All sales will go up live on Monday the 20th of July at 9am. We hope you love this idea as much as we do, and hope to see you in the hot shop, Love the Hot Haus Crew.

Buy a Paperweight Make a Paperweight

Help Hot Haus Glass Studio build their furnace

  • Purchase a limited edition Paperweight with the option of making your own

  • Purchase online via the shop

  • sale goes live Monday 20th July at 9am

  • Only x100 available

  • Good Luck!

Please note, all classes are pre-booking only and will only run when Covid-19 safety measures allow us to do so. Thank you very much for both your support and your understanding. Trust us, we want you in the studio very much but we want it to be safe for everyone. x x x

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