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Each rose has been handcrafted in hot sculpted glass by Amanda Dziedzic.


Meticulously sculpted in hot glass, these works walk the line between the natural and unnatural. The real and the sublime. The idealistic and the actual.


While sad that I can’t recreate the scent of a rose, I hope I can do some justice to its form. Creating these roses from memory, I hope to encapsulate their iconic appearance, the full bloom, fully puffed ones I remember from my great grandmother’s garden, many moons ago.

Just like memory is forever evolving, sometimes depreciating, sometimes elaborating, whose to say there weren’t gold flecked space roses in her garden?


Dimensions Approx H60mm x W100mm x D130mm

Rose in Bloom in Barbarosa

$650.00 Regular Price
$455.00Sale Price


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