Is the equipment in the studio for hire?

Yes! The equipment in the studio is for hire. All hirers must be experienced glass artists and go through a quick induction process before being able to hire. If you are not expereinced and wish to learn how to use the equipment get in touch and we'll quote you on the cost of one-on-one training.

Do you run classes in glassblowing, coldworking or flameworking?

We will be running beginner classes in glassblowing, coldworking and flameworking. If no classes are currently listed on the website please send us an email to see when the next class might be.

I need some grinding and polishing done to a piece of glass, does Hothaus do this sort of thing?

Yes, we take on coldworking jobs at an hourly rate of $65 per hour. Please send us an email with what you would like done and we can give you a quote.

Do you repair glass objects?

We can do minor repairs on glass objects and in some cases re-make broken glass parts. However somethings are not salvagable. Please email us with photos of the repair request and we'll give you a quote and honest advice.

I've got an idea for a glass product I'd like to prototype and put into production, is this the kind of thing you do?

This is exactly the kind of thing we do! We're happy to prototype and produce runs of high quality bespoke glass objects. Everything is handmade in-house by the Hothaus team of glassblowers so we do work within certain parameters. Get in touch to find out more.