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"Like dipping your toes into the ocean at dusk while you look up to marvel at the softly shifting clouds above you. A moment is captured in time."


Limited edition, created just for Mother's Day, this gift box contains;

x1 Seascape Vase

x1 Seascape Saucy Dish


The "Seascape Vase" is the cumulation of Amanda's most recent dive into her exploration of colour taking inspiration from an ever changing coastline paired with seductive skylines at dusk. In these works, colour is applied, almost in a painterly fashion. Each piece posesses a cafeful and meticulous approach to colour, letting the glass speak for itself. An extension of Amanda's intense explorations in to colour, these exquisite pieces are the next progressive step in her 'Colourscape' body of work. 


The beauty in these pieces is that no two are ever alike. Each vesel posesses a unique colourway and pattern, no two are ever identical, making them unique and covetable works of art.


Dimensions are approx H18 x W10cm for the vase

Please note, due to the nature of these handblown wares, product dimensions and colouring patterns may vary.

Seascape Duo boxed set

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