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"According to Greek and Roman mythology, citrus fruits were the dowry of Hera (Juno), the bride of Zeus (Jupiter), who kept them jealously hidden away in a blissful garden situated at the western end of the earth, where the sun dies every day and where lived the Hesperides."


Lemons are the lifeblood of any vibrant cooks kitchen. There's something nostalgic about them isn't there? They inhabit the backstreets with their branches, heavy with fruit, drooping over, just begging to be picked.


Amanda crafts her own lemons in the hot shop using hot glass sculpting techniques. Individual leaves are sculpted and attached hot. The body of the lemon is solid and textured through colour application.


*Please note this price is for one Lemon ONLY


Dimensions approx H13 x W15 x D7cm



Citrus Dreams Limone

$800.00 Regular Price
$560.00Sale Price


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